How to get R to recognize your working directory as its working directory?


I use R under Windows on several machines.

I know you can set the working directory from within an R script, like this

setwd("C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/x/y/z")

... but then this breaks the portability of the script. It's also annoying to have to reverse all the slashes (since Windows gives you backslashes)

Is there a way to start R in a particular working directory so that you don't need to do this at the script level?

1/24/2013 1:00:32 AM

Accepted Answer

You should copy shortcut to R (R.lnk file) to desire folder. Then in "Properties" (right mouse button -> last option) delete anything in field "Start in..." in second tab ("Shortcut"?). If you start R with this shortcut working directory will be that one where the shortcut is.

I don't have english version of Windows so I'm not sure about field names, but they should be easy to find.

Similar questions were in R-windows-faq:

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In 2.14 is mentioned that

The working directory is the directory from which Rgui or Rterm was launched, unless a shortcut was used when it is given by the `Start in' field of the shortcut's properties.

9/9/2009 6:44:50 AM

You could use an environmental variable. This can work with Sys.getenv() and Sys.setenv(). For instance:

> Sys.setenv(R_TEST="testit")
> Sys.getenv("R_TEST")

If you sent the variable in your script, you should be able to access it from within, and then call setwd() on that output.

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